Why do dogs eat grass?

by Ann

Is your canine family member acting like a cow and munching on grass? It might seem strange and make you feel apprehensive and anxious. However, you are not the only one facing this dilemma (dogs eat grass) and this erratic behavior is perpetually witnessed by many dog owners. The general complaint of dogs eating grass and then vomiting is pretty common and dogs who have easy access to grass are more prone to engaging in this strange anomaly sometimes in their lives.

Grazing grass is a bizarre habit yet most dogs who are involved in grass-eating seem to be disaffected with it in any way if the habit is not excessive. But nevertheless, grass might prove to be perilous if it becomes an excessive habit and your dog keeps vomiting after eating it. Vets have identified a few underlying reasons for this odd eating habit which I have listed down below. Keep reading to discover the factors that propel your dog to eat grass.

Psychological Reasons why dogs eat grass?

Some of the proposed theories as to why dogs eat grass are;

Behavioral issues:

  •         Many vets claim that when dogs are bored, nervous, frightened, or under an anxiety attack, they tend to sneak out quietly in the backyard to munch on grass.
  •         Seeking attention is also one of the elemental factors which drive your pet to graze on grass as stated by the vets. They want the owner’s attention and this action discernibly puts them in the limelight.

 Instinctive nature:

Dogs share ancestry with wild canine beasts who would hunt other small grass-eating animals and feed on the stomach contents of their victims.  So grass can be deemed as an ancestral diet of dogs. And if your dog isn’t vomiting after eating grass, then there is nothing much to worry about.

 The grass is tasty:

According to vets, many dogs eat grass because the taste of fresh grass in summer and spring appeals to their taste buds and they enjoy chomping on the fiber.

 Physical Reasons

Some of the physical reasons which are preceded by grass-eating habits are:

 Upset stomach

Many vets believe that dogs eat grass to induce vomiting when they are suffering from an upset stomach. Eating grass makes them heave up the contents of their stomach and so relieves them from the discomfort of an upset stomach. Although there is no confirmation to prove this theory, vets generally feel that when your dog is trying to munch down longer and wider blades of grass, there might be a strong reason that he needs to throw up. It is advisable to pay a visit to the vet if your dog seems unwell even after vomiting. Find out vet-approved digestive health products here;

 A Dietary Reaction

According to vets, many dogs eat grass to replenish the fiber deficiency in their diets. The grass is one of the best sources of fiber and consuming it helps in boosting their body functions. Here are some of the best nutrition and vitamins products for dogs.


Steps To Take To Curtail Grass-Eating Habits

Grass-eating is only considered to be safe when it is your own lawn and the grass hasn’t been sprayed by pesticides. Otherwise, grass-eating can translate into a hazardous and risky habit for your dog. There are some measures which you can adopt to put an end to this peculiar addiction.

  •         If your dog fancies the grassy flavor, you can try to plant edible and organic grass, especially for your pal that will assist in satiating his grass cravings.
  •         If your dog keeps nudging you off along the sidewalk to have a taste of grass, try to distract him with activities and give him treats when he obeys your commands.
  •         If your dog is eating grass to fill the fiber void in his diet, upgrading his diet to a fiber-rich one might solve the problem.
Concluding note

Although, the grass itself is not perilous and grass-eating is not an alarming issue, the probable contamination from insecticides and pesticides, and intestinal parasites can prove to be dangerous for your canine pal. It is advisable that you take measures to help your dog get cured of this strange habit. It is best to be safe than sorry later. Just in case your dog has passed this phase and suffering from intestinal parasites GI Cleanup Gold is one of the best cures for dogs that treats internal worms in dogs and promotes healthier gastrointestinal tract Support.

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