Small Hypoallergenic Dogs That don’t shed

by Ann

If you’re a dog lover who enjoys the companionship of one of the most wanted animals to keep at home but is allergic to anything related to the species you adore so much, you have my sympathies. There’s nothing worse than wanting to own the most affectionate animal to be amused by his playfulness and comical personality while sneezing and scratching your head all around the house owing to the allergies it brings along. Luckily, we have got a midway solution to tend to the needs and requirements of a dog owner without being subjected to vigorous allergic reactions. That is a wide variety of small hypoallergenic dogs.

What is a hypoallergenic dog?

The term ‘hypo’ refers to ‘less,’ implying hypoallergenic dogs will cause more minor allergies followed by less shedding. Some people are allergic to dogs’ dander, the bits of dried skin that sheds off now and then. It depends on the dog’s size (small dogs are more feasible) and the breed (different breeds have different patterns).

Some breeds are low shedding or less shedding. On the other hand, some species are high shedding and require significant maintenance to prevent matting in your house. Speaking of shedding and its relation to allergic reactions, it’s important to note that hair itself doesn’t cause allergy. It’s the hair follicles that irritate or stimulate an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the dog’s dander.

No dog is genuinely allergy-free

People often misunderstand the term hypoallergenic dogs and take it for the species of dogs that don’t produce allergies at all. No dog’s wholly and genuinely allergy-free. To make the final choice to get a small, hypoallergenic dog, it’s advised to spend some time with the dog beforehand. It’ll help you analyze to what extent it is a safe choice for you, depending upon the severity of your hypersensitivity symptoms and reactions. After all, the dog is going to be a significant part of your day and a permanent member of your family.

You can’t risk your health based on other people’s experiences with the same dog. Everyone tends to react differently to the same kinds of allergies. You have a different biological system that operates independently. Explore the breeds of small, hypoallergenic dogs you like and make sure you choose the least problematic breed according to your personal preference and needs.

Factors to keep in mind before getting a small, hypoallergenic dog

Please take a look at all the factors that will affect you and your dog’s life after bringing him home. While you take your allergies into account before deciding

What breed suits you better? It’s equally important to determine whether your lifestyle is suitable for the particular species you’re bringing home. Generally, small, hypoallergenic dogs are easy to raise and take care of. The living situation and finances play a significant role in adopting and nurturing a dog. Some breeds require frequent professional grooming sessions to keep the shedding at bay. It’s better to consider everything that will affect your life after being a dog-parent before taking the big decision.

Relevance between small dogs and hypoallergenic dogs

All small dogs are not hypoallergenic dogs and vice versa. It’s convenient to say that most small dogs are hypoallergenic dogs because the small size contributes to less shedding and less dander which can stimulate an allergic reaction. On the other hand, many big dogs are also hypoallergenic, but it’s less feasible to keep a big dog because it takes up more space than small, hypoallergenic dogs and the frequent grooming sessions cost a fortune. Now that we are convinced to go for a small, hypoallergenic dog, let’s have a look at the most popular breeds of small, hypoallergenic dogs.


This dog breed is mainly known for its ‘monkey face’ and ‘ape terriers,’ evident in its physical appearance. It was previously used for killing and hunting. You can’t help but love him for his curious nature and comical personality. The neat and shiny coat doesn’t shed a lot, but it needs grooming every few months to keep the shedding at a minimum.

Coton de Tulear

It is one of the most adorable dogs, known as the “Royal dog of Madagascar.” The long and silky coat requires brushing at least once a week and conditioning every two to three months to keep the charming and bright appearance in place. It’s advised to keep shorter pet clips to prevent excess shedding, although it occasionally sheds, making it even more desirable.

Bichon Frise

This charming cloud of fur is the gentle and friendly companion every dog lover deserves and wants. It doesn’t shed much, but regular grooming is the key to keep your house clean. Apart from the curious demeanor and everything that makes him desirable, the separation anxiety it suffers from is something you should consider. So if you’re someone who is going to stay away for long periods, rethink before opting for this beautiful curly lapdog.

Yorkshire Terrier

This gentle and affectionate ball of fur is the 9th most popular dog according to American Kennel Club. It’s born black, which fades with time, and it turns into a beautiful shade of blue. It has minimal exercise needs, which implies that indoor fetch or little walk now and then is enough to meet the physical requirements. This breed used to be a ratter and is famous for its intellectual antics and confidence. Short pet clips come in handy.


Schnauzer has three breeds, out of which miniature is the smallest one. Dog Time stands 5/5 on the wanderlust scale and 1/5 on the shed scale, which is evident for its demand among the masses. This guff-looking dog stands 19 out of 195 breeds, according to American Kennel Club. Apart from the energetic and intelligent demeanor, low shedding coat and shaggy beard make him, even more, wanted and well kept.


It is one of the breeds known for undying loyalty and extreme playfulness. This little cloud of fuzz is laid back and very easy to take care of. There is little to no shedding, which calls for infrequent grooming and makes it low maintenance.

Lagotto Romagnolo

According to American Kennel Club, it’s known as “Italy’s truffle dog.” The teddy bear looks for his subtle appearance, and his intelligence and strength speak for his enduring personality. A thick coat of hair gives him a distinct look which also happens to make him waterproof. Grooming is required every few months to keep the hair untangled and prevent shedding.

Chinese Crested 

It is, by far, the most easily recognizable breed that appears to be cross between different species. While most of the dog’s body is hairless, it has wisps of hair around the ears, head, and legs. The presence of built-in socks makes it even more unique. This lapdog is a beautiful addition to your house, proved by his lively personality and affectionate nature. If you’re looking for a friendly and gentle companion, this is your best bet.

Border Terrier

This floppy-eared gorgeous breed is very easy to care for. It doesn’t require a lot of bathing or grooming. However, it needs to be hand-stripped every two years to keep the hygiene in check and prevent other factors that can cause shedding. This low-maintenance and highly gentle dog will add a lot of value to your home.


It is one of the oldest breeds of dogs we have out there, but it offers more than its ancient history. This energetic lapdog is full of affection and friendliness. It’s effortless to accompany due to its compact size, which makes it even better. Its neat coat needs grooming infrequently and owing to its low maintenance nature. A puppy cut is recommended to save you from all the hustle.

Griffin Bruxellois

It is one of a kind because of its exclusive attributes, and you don’t want to miss out on it just because of its size. Its personality makes up for it and offers a bundle of joy with its loyalty and alertness. Not to mention its absolute navigating sense of scent and smell. It needs grooming every few months to prevent from matting—all in all, an excellent addition to your life.


It ranks seven according to AKC, but that’s not the best thing about it. If you manage to escape the spell of his cuteness right after looking at him, the intellect and pride he exhibits will catch your attention. This intelligent and lively ball of fuzz is a water retriever and needs brushing to keep the shedding at a minimum.

Cairn Terrier

The happy-go-lucky dogs, with their inherent curiosity, will make you fall in love at first sight. The neat and shiny coat requires conditioning and grooming every few months to minimize the shedding and spreading of hair all over your carpet and couches. You can’t help but adore him for his alertness and intelligence, making him distinct and lovable.


It has a lot of hair which can be worrisome at first look, but there’s nothing to worry about. There’s little to no shedding, and it won’t spread readily and easily. However, it gets dirty quickly, and you can see debris trapped inside the long and luxurious coat. Regular bathing and conditioning will get rid of the waste and everything that comes along. It takes a day to dry, which should be kept in mind.


As the name suggests, it’s originated in Havana and stands out among other breeds for all the right reasons. They’re lapdogs which means they are going to be your companion around the house. Their outgoing and affectionate personality makes him your best bet. According to Vetstreet, it stands 1/5 on the shed scale, which makes this intelligent breed low maintenance, and it’s just a bonus. You can treat him with grooming sessions twice a year without worrying about shedding all over your floor.


It is specifically known as “Little Lion,” and we can see why by looking at it. During the era of royal courts, ladies would take them as companions to the court, and they were mainly known for it. These portable dogs make a pleasing addition to your house. They don’t shed a lot which is a significant concern for a lot of dog owners.

Bedlington Terrier

They give off the idea of lambs by physical appearance, but their thin tail gives them away. They’re accustomed to wandering but won’t stray away, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This intelligent and curious breed will make it to your top preference because of its highly loyal and alert nature. They require grooming every few months and need to be combed at least once a week to keep the coat untangled.

Scottish Terrier

It has to be one of your favorite breeds for its prominent and pointed ears and scruffy mustache, making it unforgettable. Although they need significant grooming and conditioning off and on to deal with excessive shedding, this confident and independent breed will earn a place in your heart and life.



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