Pets The Dazzle of Our Home

by Ann

Pets are the animals that humans usually keep in their houses as a source of companionship and happiness. Cats, dogs, and horses mainly fall in this category. Many people consider them part of their family. Pets love unconditionally and do not show any selfishness and grudges therefore they can be best friends with anyone. Although owning a pet is not possible for everyone but it is very positive and beneficial for the life of those people who decided to choose these creatures as a part of their house and their family.

Benefits of keeping pets

There are many benefits of owning pets in houses. For example, they reduce our stress level, our loneliness, and our depression. When they become our friends they involve us in many social activities and keep us fit and healthy. As we know that running and walking maintain a good heart rate, therefore pets play important role in our healthy routine. They can be the source of our entertainment without knowing what they are doing. When there is a strong bond develop between us and our pets we feel free to share our problems with them and hug them because we know they will not give any aggressive response. They also help to improve your skills, our memory and also sharpen your brain. Researches show that human has an affinity for living creatures. In the presence of pets the human body release the hormones of pleasure oxytocin and the level of stress hormones automatically decreased.

Pets and children

Children can learn many inspiring things by having their own pets. The most important is that they learn how to treat others. A child who takes good care of his pet and treats them kindly and patiently will definitely treat the people in the same way. Caring for someone other than yourself make look easy but in reality, it is very difficult to take this responsibility which teaches how to care for and serve others. Also, it develops confidence in humans. Feeding and caring for pets develop good manners and a sense of responsibility in them. Children usually go out and run with their pets and it helps in their healthy development.

Best pets for children

There is a list of pets that are best recommended for children:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Fishes
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea pigs

Our responsibilities to pets:

First of all, we should take good care of their welfare ensuring their good health. Whenever they get sick or injured and need medication we should take them to the veterinarian for the proper checkup. Whenever we decide to welcome a pet in our houses we should make sure about their vaccination to protect them against certain diseases. Other than that they also require food so we have to feed them properly. We have to give them proper exercise and keep them safe. Like animals pets also have feelings. Sometimes they may get sad, emotional, angry, and happy so it is our responsibility to treat them with affection and with plenty of love.

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