How To Take Care Of Your Rabbits In Winter?

by Ann

When the winter starts approaching, pet owners start planning for the health and well-being of their pets which remain outside during the winter and wet conditions. The winter season proves to be very harsh for animals especially for rabbits because they are more prone to sickness and infection during cold and ice. In the wild habitat, rabbits live underground which provides them natural protection but it requires proper planning to take care of them at home. In this article, we will have a look at how we can protect our little furry friend from harsh weather conditions in the easiest and cost-effective way.

Weather Proof Rabbit Hutch

  • Having a suitable hutch for rabbits to live in ensures good take care. You should invest in a good-sized and wide hutch which is not only secure but also well-ventilated. And if you already have one but now it’s time to upgrade you can purchase a high-quality hutch custom to your rabbit needs.
  • Make sure the rabbit hutch is away from damp and draught areas, anywhere they can be exposed to the elements from all the sides.
  • Put rabbit hutch certain inches above from the ground. It will protect the rabbit from cold entering through the floor and keep your rabbit away from the puddles.
  • Carefully check the roof of the hutch to make sure there are no holes and a damaged area. Because once water gets to enter the hutch, it will become difficult to dry it out.
  • Place the hutch under the shady area such as a garden shed, garage, and summer house. It will provide ample protection from the cool winds.

How to Keep Rabbits Warm in winter      

  • Set a cozy bedroom inside the hutch for the rabbits to snuggle. You can use cardboard boxes or pet carriers for this purpose.
  • Make sure there is soft and warm bedding inside the hutch and regularly keep refreshing the bedding. This will provide extra protection and insulation from the cool winds and cold outside.
  • It’s better to keep pair of rabbits. It will provide the company and extra insulation when they snuggle together in the winter.

Food and Nutrition

  • Encourage your rabbit to spend most of the time inside the hutch during the winter especially when there is snow outside. This will provide protection and warmth from the cold weather.
  • In order to maintain the body weight and keep their body temperature up, rabbits should eat much. Give them fresh food daily and regularly keep checking them.
  • Wrap a water bottle or bowl with a bubble wrap or an old sock to prevent them from icing over when the temperature falls during midnight.
Things to Remember 

Rabbits don’t hibernate during winter that’s why they need to have exercise to keep their joints mobile.

Provide them proper space to run, which is also waterproof as a hutch.

Spend quality time with your rabbits so that they don’t feel alone. Nothing can beat spending quality time with your pets.


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