How to raise a Pitbull Puppy?

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Pitbulls are energetic, friendly, and people-oriented dogs, but they’re not for everyone. People believe that they’re fighter dogs and have a high drive to attack because that’s how they’re portrayed in news and society. It is valid to some extent, but the higher-yielding point here is that they’re eager to learn and respond well to training and sports. If you’re signing up for a pitbull or going to raise a pitbull puppy, here’s a guide on how to well raised and train them to be on their best behavior. This article will guide you step by step on how to raise a pitbull puppy?


Early socialization of a pitbull puppy plays a vital role in transforming him from a fighting dog to a friendly animal. It can’t be stressed enough that early exposure to surroundings is the key to behavior training. They must be comfortable in their environment to avoid exhibiting wild reactions. They’ll get accustomed to public handling and petting, and it’ll change the entire outlook of Pitbulls.

You must ensure that they’re not left on their own in public places and, at the same time, give them the liberty to approach new things and interact with fellow animals. To learn a new behavior pattern, they need to experience it under supervision. Train them enough to deal with situations and surroundings that comprise different breeds and animals, let alone humans.

How To Handle The Aggressiveness of Pitbull Puppy?

People often believe that if a dog is aggressive around others dogs, he will be aggressive with humans as well. That’s not entirely true. Just because a dog is aggressive in a particular situation, it doesn’t mean he will be aggressive in every position you put him in. If a dog is trained well, his strong prey drive and aggression can be handled maximum.

He may not start a fight but won’t necessarily back down if triggered and provoked, and to avoid that situation, and he must be trained by a professional trainer and advanced training techniques.

How To Train Your Pitbull Puppy Not To Bite?

It would be best if you started the socialization of your dog at a very initial stage. To well raise a pitbull puppy, starting from inside the house, familiarise your puppy with different places and then take him outside. Make him meet different people. Take him to other locations in your town. Proper socialization is essential because a well-socialized dog has less fear of people and places, which means it has fewer chances of being aggressive in such situations and won’t bite resultantly.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is one of the essential methods of training by giving rewards for good behavior to raise a pitbull puppy. The rewards may include treats of his favorite food, giving your dog extra playtime, encouraging him verbally or physically as in petting, massaging, and any other thing your dog craves and adores. Pitbulls are generally not well trained to respond to leash corrections which result in backfiring. Instead of conducting punishment to teach him a lesson, reward-based training or clicker training is more effective. They are known as eager learners, which implies that they respond well to positive conditioning compared to punishment, which is not always effective and fruitful.

Negative Reinforcement

It involves training your dog by giving punishments for bad behavior. The punishments may include verbal discouragement, hitting, leash correction, or physically rolling a dog, known as alpha rolling.

But this method of training is not always effective. Infact it is observed that dogs trained via negative reinforcement have 25% more tendencies to be aggressive in any uncomfortable or unlikely situation and can even lead to biting or attacking anyone around.

The use of positive reinforcement is a more advised method as it reduces the probability of a dog being aggressive hence reducing the chances of him biting.

Obedience Training

You must work on your dog’s obedience training because it gives you reasonable control over your dog. You can easily control his behavior in any situation your dog feels uncomfortable or acts aggressively. It is a fundamental method of training that is easy to attain and gives more handling powers.

In order to raise a pitbull puppy in a positive way is to control his behavior. The most critical way to achieve your goal is controlling the behavior by controlling the hunger of your dog. Once you get your dog to be non-aggressive when hungry, you can make him obey you more effectively. Your dog should be trained enough not to get aggressive overseeing food. Train him well on this aspect to attain a good level of obedience from your dog, and then you can easily control him and make him not bite. Obedience also works with building your dog’s confidence and helps him develop an excellent relationship with you.

Learn The Body Language

Your dog is always trying to depict something via his body language as it is the only way for him to communicate with you. To have a better relationship with your dog, you must be able to perceive your dog’s body language. It is something that should not be ignored. Dogs usually tend to bite in situations they are uncomfortable with or feel like someone invading their territory or taking their food away. These situations can make him aggressive.

Some of the common body language depictions involve:

Bared teeth

Raised hackles

Lowered head

Ear lying flat against the head

If you find your dog depicting any such signs, immediately try to give him space and if there are other people around, advise them to do so as well. Once you feel like your dog is relaxed and you can approach him now, try to take him away from the place/situation.

Don’t Overlook or Interrupt The Growling

Growling is a form of body language and a warning that tells you that your dog feels uncomfortable with the provided situation or may be due to some strangers around him. Whatever may be the reason for growling, you should perceive that it makes your dog aggressive and tends to bite in that situation.

If you teach your dog that growling is inappropriate and try to make him not growl, he may learn to be silent in situations he finds uncomfortable and can bite without warning. If you find your dog growling, try to look for the problems that are making him growl, and your priority should be to remove him from those situations and try to make him feel comfortable.

Relation with other dogs

They’re known as fighting dogs and are occasionally tolerant of other dogs. Early exposure to other dogs in different situations and circumstances comes in handy. If you find your dog in an unpleasant and uncontrollable situation, try to control them with the “look” command, which is supposed to be instilled in them beforehand to respond to your commands in different situations like the park or living room.

Canine Good Citizen Certificate

Canine Good Citizen Certificate is initiated by American Kennel Club to be issued to well-behaved dogs after making them go through a series of tests. If a dog passes the test, he qualifies for the certificate, which provides a bundle of benefits. To pass the test, he will be tested for his obedience skills, his ability to walk through a street and be petted by strangers peacefully. He will be judged for reacting to other dogs. After passing the test, the certificate will be proof that he’s a well-behaved dog, friendly and safe to be around, and it will defy the public perception of an otherwise fighting dog.

Proofing Technique

Pitbulls are capable of destructive behavior because of their aggressive nature. They may tend to be hyperactive or exhibit unusual responses in odd situations. You will spot behavior problems quickly, and it’s better to start addressing them as early as possible. Train your dog at home by mingling and giving him commands. If you find yourself in trouble and realize that it’s not bearing fruit, consult a trainer and take him for professional training. Fiesty Fido or reactive dog classes are of great help in dealing with dogs who have aggression problems.

Pitbulls And Other Dogs

Pitbulls are not different than other dogs. They all share the same problems, growing patterns, food requirements, grooming sessions, and advanced training. However, Pitbulls need a little extra amount of attention and training as they are perceived as fighting dogs, and rightfully so. If they are trained well at an early age and given the proper environment to thrive on their own, they can be as friendly as any other dog. They’re represented as the ambassadors of their breed when they’re well behaved and well trained.

Best Food For Pitbulls Puppies

Pitbulls are strong animals with sturdy and stocky buildup. Their muscular physique and active demeanor demand a specific food requirement to be fulfilled daily to keep up with their caloric demand which is a little higher than other dogs.  To raise a pitbull puppy healthy, it would help if you ensured that the food you’re providing your dog with must have enough sustenance and high protein content.

You can look it up in the list of foods issued by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to ensure it’s nutritionally adequate and following your dog’s weight, height, and life stage. Researches also reveal that most dogs require 1.5-2.5 cups of dry food every day.

How to take care of Pitbull Puppy?

Apart from many aspects of a pitbull dog’s life that require extra attention, it’s noted that they need more than routine grooming to keep their physical well-being in check. You can take them for an everyday walk that leaves a pleasant impact on your dog’s behavior. Regular exercises are highly recommended atleast twice a day or more to make sure they stay active and healthy. They wear down nails from walking on the floor, which calls for regular nail trimming and conditioning of coat as per requirement. Overdoing anything will reverse the optimized results, and that’s precisely why it’s suggested to perform grooming sessions if and when required. Dogs’ sports come in handy for their emotional and physical wellness.

Common Health Problems

Raising a pitbull puppy is not an easy job. Like other animals, pitbull puppies can suffer from a fair share of health problems. They are treated without causing deteriorating effects on health if the symptoms are noticed early and diagnosed timely. Among many health issues that arise due to myriad reasons, Pitbulls experience many inherited health problems.

  • Hypothyroidism leads to slow metabolism due to decreased release of thyroid hormone.
  • Canine atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory reaction on the skin due to grass, mold, or dust allergy
  • Hip dysplasia causes arthritis in dogs

These common health problems are treatable if attended to satisfactorily. Take your dog to the veterinarian for a regular checkup and save him from avoidable health problems to ensure a healthy and long life. You can save alot when you avail of these offers on medication available here.

Pros Of Pitbulls
  • If trained well, Pitbulls make one of the most playful and loyal dogs
  • It’s easy to prepare and groom them. They’re fun to be around when they’re familiarized with their surroundings.
  • They are good watch goods. Anyone who’s into dogs can vouch for them.
Cons of pitbulls
  • The public perception of pitbulls being aggressive and fighting dogs isn’t entirely wrong.
  • They exhibit a lot of behavior problems
  • They take time to adapt to the external environment
  • Some public places banned their entrance which can a cause of nuisance for owners


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