How to identify illness in your cats?

by Ann

Have you ever noticed that it is not easy to identify illness in cats until they expose it? This is because cats are experts at hiding their illness. This instinct in cats protects them from vulnerability. They often hide their illness to protect themselves from their housemate cats if they have any threat. Whenever you feel any subtle changes in your cat’s behavior firstly, do not take it for granted and normal, and secondly, go to a vet for proper checkup and treatment. Never try to ignore the obvious changes in your cat.

Signs to recognize illness:

There can be several unusual conditions from which you can easily identify that something is going wrong in a cat’s body for which you have to take notice and visit a vet.

  • Lack of appetite: it is very normal in cats that they often miss out on their meal so it is not that much alarming. But when it comes to entirely skip the food or eating in a very little amount on daily basis, it is very terrible. For that, you have to worry about it and should involve a veterinarian in this matter so that he can properly guide you on what to do and how to do it.
  • Vomiting: vomiting is also a major issue of concern. For some people, vomiting in cats is very normal but actually, it isn’t.
  • Laziness: if your cats are lying around more than usual or have a low energy level it is not a good sign for their health. You should immediately realize that something unusual is happening in their body and you have to visit a vet.
  • Weight changes: it is always very concerning either your cat is losing or gaining weight. If a cat is only losing weight in a short time then it is alarming but gaining weight is always harmful as it leads to obesity which further leads to many different health problems.
  • Changes in breathing: change in breathing is also not a good sign. Rapid breathing, raspy breathing, shortening of breath, are all very emergency conditions so you should not ignore them and go to a clinic for proper treatment of the cat.
  • Irritation on skin: it may be due to some skin diseases, allergies, and external parasites. But it may be painful and cause wounds and blisters so, do not let your cat suffer in this condition. Consult a vet in this regard as soon as possible.
  • Swelling in body parts: swelling may be due to some wounds, injury, and cuts. It may be a tumor. Observe the infected area closely even if then you are not able to identify the main cause please go for a visit to the vet so that it can be easily cured in one or two days.
  • Abnormal urination: It is always of great concern because the problem in urination is most likely due to a urinary tract infection or it may be a kidney problem. Frequent urination and difficulty in straining urination both are very harmful. It often leads to an emergency condition particularly in male cats so, whenever you find your cats in this condition bring your cat to a qualified vet immediately.

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