How To Control Dog Shedding?

by Ann

Dogs are the most beautiful creature and in the presence of this beautiful pet in your home, you will never feel lonely. They are loyal and kind and all they need from you is love, care, and attention. But the only problem a dog owner can face is because of the dog is shedding. We love our pets but the shedding fur on carpets, furniture can irritate them. Shedding is a natural process and every pet regardless of their age and breed sheds old and damaged hair but the amount can vary and if your pet is shedding more air than usual, the pet’s health can be the cause of this problem. Though we are unable to stop this natural process of shedding still we can help to reduce the amount of shedding hair. Some of the following dog shedding remedies are very effective to keep your house clean and dog healthy.


Brush the dog hair on daily basis with the right brush which is neither too soft nor too hard. It just requires almost 10 to 15 minutes and you will see a magical difference in the amount and frequency of shedding hair. Brushing also helps you maintain the dog’s outer coat. Many vet professionals and doctors suggest that regular brushing is very effective especially for the worst shedding dog breed like Husky, Corgi, and American Eskimo, etc.


For better living, nutrition is very important whether it’s human, animals, pets, birds, etc. When you are trying to control dog shedding, proper and adequate feeding plays a very important role. When we talk about dog’s nutrition, olive oil is the best choice. Feed your dog with high-quality and fresh food which is an excellent source of fatty acids and protein. You can also give them supplements after taking the expert’s advice.


You might be wondering how can a vacuum play a role in reducing dog shedding, but it does, not directly but indirectly. Vacuuming the house cleans all the dust from the house, walls, carpets, and furniture. It will reduce the dust allergies and flee attacks on the dog’s fur which in return will reduce shedding.

De-shedding tools for heavy shedder

De-shedding tools are easily accessible if your dog has a massive amount of fur and if you have a breed that is supposed to shed more and more. Such devices can be used for the whole shedding process. Dog’s winter coast start growing in the fall and shedding start in the spring. It is the best time to use de-shedding tools. If you are confused about how to stop the shedding of short hair, for this purpose you can use a rubber curry comb to de-shed. After using the tools, don’t forget to remove the excess hair from the body by giving them a proper bath.

Give a pet a bathing treatment

Bathing and grooming are essential activities for any pet and keep their out coat healthy and shiny. During summer, it’s a must to give your dog a cozy bath. During summer it is a quite difficult task but as you are the pet owner, you know how to convince your lovely pet. After this fantastic bath, your pet will look brighter with no excessive shedding of damaged hair.

Give your pets extra love, care, and attention and take care of them as their real guardians.

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