Guide to Keeping Chickens At Home

by Ann

In recent years, chickens have become a very popular pet whether it’s one or two or a whole flock. But it’s important to know how you can take proper care of the chickens before you take the leap. Here we put together an easy guide you can follow to keep your chickens protected from the harsh weather conditions and take good care of them.

A Living Place for Your Chickens

  • Build a place that is well-ventilated and provides protection from drafts. Close the doors of the house in the early evening and midnight to keep them protected from predators.
  • House should be large enough where they can comfortably live, with a place to perch. As chickens are unable to grip plastic and metal, that’s why perch should be of wood.
  • As human beings, for pets and animals, nature is very effective. Provide your chickens with proper space to walk around in the daytime and keep an eye on them to protect them from the predators such as dogs.
  • Provide them with comfortable and soft bedding inside the house. It will not only provide comfort but also soak any moisture, droppings, and smell.
  • Make a place inside the home where they can easily lay eggs and you can collect them easily without creating a mess. It is preferable that this place is dark and secluded.

Food to Feed Chickens

  • Make sure you are providing your chickens with fresh water. Keep changing the water regularly even after few hours because they tend to leave a mess in the water bowl and tipping them over.
  • Provide your chickens with healthy and nutritious food which contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. The best way to feed them is in pellet form, mixed in grains and chicken grits which are essential for healthy digestion. Grit will enter their gizzards to break up the food because they don’t have teeth. Grits help in strong egg production because it’s high in calcium.
  • Don’t try to feed your chicken with your kitchen scraps because their digestive system isn’t capable enough to digest them.

How You Can Keep Your Chickens Healthy

  • Contact the vet if you feel that your chickens are losing good health. They deserve to be healthy with no pain, suffering, and injury. That’s why it’s important to take care of their health. Keep an eye on them and contact a good vet when you need to.
  • Look out if they have any symptoms and signs of disease. It could be coughing, sneezing, closed eyes for most of the time, runny eyes, and ruffled feathers. If they are giving fewer eggs than normal, it’s a sign that they are suffering from something bad.
  • For long-term health, worm your chickens regularly.

Chickens are very undemanding pets as they are very tame and gently handled. They like other animals need company and your love. So don’t afraid to introduce them to friendly pets and treat them gently. Always keep your chickens inside and let them go away in the morning and provide them a healthy diet.


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