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Dog chew toys for aggressive chewers

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Dog chew toys for aggressive chewers

A happy home is where your pets are happy too and happy pets require active pastime. Otherwise, they are going to tear your house down especially if they are aggressive chewers. Whether they are 8 months old or very large dogs, they need to grind their teeth. These dogs chew toys for aggressive chewers need to be sturdy and tough so that if your dog is chewing constantly at them, they not only resist wear and tear but also retain their flavor and taste.

Many dog owners face excessive hardship in finding the perfect chewer for their dogs. If you are a dog owner, you must be aware of the dilemma of searching for the best toy which is not only indestructible but also healthy for your dog’s teeth.

If your dog is a very aggressive chewer you will have to make sure that you don’t buy anything made from thin plastic, plush, or easily chewable fabric. It is imperative to equip your dogs with toys that not only help them to spend their time constructively but also enhance their reflexes and stimulates their physical activity. Alternatively, if you don’t have a dog, you may find a great deal at PuppySpot.

Since chewing in puppies and dogs is not only a habitual activity but also accomplishes many milestones for them, it is important that you choose their toys wisely. In puppies chewing aggressively can help in alleviating the pain incurred during the teething process. Chewing vigorously is also another way of strengthening the neck muscles and improving blood circulation. Chewing also helps in cleaning their teeth and keeping them germ-free.

There are many toys available in the market but they can be hazardous to your pet’s health if they suddenly rip off and get swallowed. It can result in an urgent trip to the vet so it is best to pick toys that pose a minimum risk.

Let’s take a look at some of the best aggressive dog chewers for your pet. Click on the image to get product details.

Dog toys for aggressive chewers made in the USA

Benebone real flavor wishbone USA

This toy is made in the shape of a wishbone and it is produced from a very tough nylon material which is exceptionally liked by dogs. This toy cannot be chewed and is not at all edible but it is layered with different flavors which your dog will relish. The shape has especially been designed to keep its mouth friendly for canines. Your dog can easily hold up to it and savor the sumptuous flavors without any hesitation.

The packaging, tooling, and ingredients analysis all of it is made in the USA. The curved wishbone shape enables your dog to carry it with ease and play with added zest. Many reports testify that nylon toys should not be used as dog chew toys. But the Benebone has been researched thoroughly in the USA and the reports suggest that the toy is free from all harm.

 Dog toys for heavy chewers

Goughnuts Maxx 50 Ring

If you are looking for an extremely tough toy for heavy chewers then there can be no better option than the Goughnuts Maxx 50 Ring. Not only is this toy sturdy but it is extremely durable. Moreover, this toy has a safety color label which enables you to perceive when the toy needs to be replaced. The ring is black on the outside and red on the inside. So if your dog has chewed off the outer layer and the red layer is exposed, it means that the chew toy needs to be replaced. Most owners have testified that heavy chewers love this toy because of its epic softness yet incredible sturdiness. Despite its very hard look, it is very gentle on teeth, so your dog will absolutely ravish the taste of it. However, there is one single drawback. The toy is a little more expensive than the other dog chews toys in the market. But then quality always has its price.

Kong Extreme Dog toy

If your dog absolutely is an aggressive chewer, then you have got to have a very fine excuse for not having a Kong in your house. Kong is popular with dog owners for being ‘the chew toy’ for your dog. It is available in many sizes and it is made from extra durable runners. This means that you don’t have to invest in a new dog toy after every few weeks. Although large Kong balls can be slightly more expensive than other dog toys, the Kong ball is one of the finest pass times for your aggressive chewer. It is made to last and to resist the vehemence of even the most furious jaws. It is very long-lasting and extremely comfortable on the jaws.

Moreover, you can fill the Kong with different treats and help your dog to stay busy. Your dog can spend hours puzzling over the Kong and trying to rip the treat open. Since it is also dishwasher safe, there is no problem in getting them washed in the dishwasher. Since there are many sizes available, you can easily get one that matches your dog’s size. However, the largest Kong ball is heavily priced so you might want to go for cheaper substitutes if your dog is not an excessively aggressive chewer.

Small dog toys for aggressive chewers

Pet Qwerks barkbone stick

This is a nylon stick with nodules at the end designed to portray a bone. Since dogs love bones and sticks, this is a neat combination of both. Moreover, it comes in two flavors, peanut butter, and mint. It is a very healthy combo and is soothing to the dogs. Moreover, mint in the bone helps to combat bad breath and remove plaque from teeth. This stick is available in three sizes so if you have larger dogs, you can get one for them too. You cannot guarantee the functionality of any dog toy for more than 2 months if your dog is vehemently chewing on it. But low-quality toys can hardly last a few days or a week. However, this barkbone stick is very durable and will easily be around your dog for more than one month.

Safe dog chews for aggressive chewers

Power chew Textured ring bone dog chew toy

If you are looking for safe dog chews for aggressive chewers, this is just the toy for you. It is a multi-textured chew toy presented by Nylabone. The nylon used in its making is very durable and quite indestructible. Even the most aggressive chewers can chew on it without causing you any relative damage. It comes in a peanut butter flavor which most dogs love. Moreover, the technical creation of this toy includes ridges and nubs which mean it prevents tartar and plaque buildup in the teeth.

This dog toy not only satisfies your dog’s urge to chew aggressively but also increases flexibility and learning power and with time it discourages them from very aggressive chewing. The toy is very sturdy and is made in the USA

Willie Bones Modern dog chew toy

If you are looking for a toy that is not only functional but also beneficial for your dog, then this is the perfect suggestion for you. It is made up of durable, natural rubber that is BPA and phthalate-free and non-toxic material. The attractive bone shape is not only alluring but very soothing for your pet. It also provides a perfect pastime for dogs and whilst other chewing toys may end up in tatters in one week, this one will definitely last quite long. Moreover, the faux bone comes in a very attractive and stylish color and is more of a personal accessory for your dog than a regular play toy. Since it is available in one regular size, you can buy it for any sized dog of yours.

Indestructible stuffed dog toys for aggressive chewers

GoDog Dragons Squeaker plush toy with chew guard technology

Not only it is lively and colorful and looks very eye-friendly, but it is also very cute and cuddly. It is made with very spicy and funky colors and makes squeaky sounds. It is made using chew guard technology which means that your chewer can struggle and warm up enough to get its jaws inside it but won’t succeed well. The chew guard technology saves the toy from being shredded to pieces in a week. However, even with the fine resistance layer, you still need to keep your aggressive chewers a little away so that the toy can last more than one month. Since it is not very expensive, it is a perfect chew toy, especially for young pups and teething pups. This toy can train them how to chew well before they start on more durable and hard toys as chewers. Since the toy is very lightweight and has a warm friendly feel, it is a perfect chewing pass time for dogs that love to relax with their toys. You may also like indestructible balls.

Sedioso Stuffed dog toys

These toys are not only cute and cuddly but are also superb and low-priced. The built-in squeaker provides countless hours of fun for your dog. Plus the rope legs are a generic addition. Your dog can play lift and drop and chew and tug of war with it and get rid of their anxiety.

It has a waterproof inner layer which means that your dog cannot cover it all in slobber. Since it is machine washable, you can easily swing it in your machine load and get it back washed as bright as new. The fabric is plush cotton and also very lightweight. It can withstand moderate chewing, so if your dog is an aggressive chewer, it is recommended to keep the toy away from it. The toy is best for keen dogs who love to play with calm energy.


Dog toys for aggressive chewers large breed

Kseroo Aggressive chew toys for large dogs

Kseroo is dedicated to making tough and sturdy chew toys for dogs that are not so easily chewed to pieces by aggressive dogs. If you have aggressive chewing large breeds, this is a must-have toy for them as it is not only strong but very attractive too. It is also very durable and can resist any level of aggression barred on them.

Since this toy is developed in the shape of a bone, your dog is more likely to show an inclination toward chewing it.


What are the best dog toys for aggressive chewers?

Aggressive chewers are classified as destroyers who nibble and crush a toy till it is completely crushed. For such aggressive chewers, only toys made from rubber can last well.  The reinforcement and the elasticity of a rubber toy can easily waive off the destructible jaws for a fair amount of time and help you to save money by lasting longer. The goal here is not to find a toy that is indestructible. Otherwise, your dog will easily break its teeth. The focus should be on buying a toy that lasts as long as possible.

What do vets recommend for aggressive chewers?

Most vets recommend that dental chews be used for dogs as they are the safest option. However, beef tendon chews are also a safe option if you need variety and some real flavor in your dog toys. Most vets, however, advise firmly against using very hard toys like yak chews and antlers as chew toys for your dogs. This is because a yak chew is made from boiling cow and yak milk and then drying it for several days. Once dried, the chew is very hard to bite into and this poses a considerable threat to your dog breaking a few teeth or hurting its jaw. Therefore, all vets suggest that you thoroughly check a new chew toy before giving it to your dog to chew.

How do I get my dog to stop being aggressive?

Get your dog its favorite toy which it can sink its teeth into and play with it vigorously. Although you cannot really stop an aggressive dog from showing excessive aggression, you can try antidepressant toys. These toys help in applying aromatherapy on the dogs and help in calming their nerves. Finding a toy that also lasts very long also helps to build a strong connection with your dog. So best is to get a dog chew toy that is teeth-friendly for your dog. To find out the medical and other causes of aggression in dogs read more:

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