Aggressive Behavior of Dogs

by Ann

Dogs are usually very friendly and obedient but it can be a very terrible experience to be around dogs that have anger issues. Such kinds of dogs suddenly become aggressive and start growling, lunging, and baring their teeth. In an extreme condition, they can start biting you or maybe your family members. Sometimes it can be out of your hands to handle the condition and it can lead to injuries or any other horrible incident to happen. So, the owner needs to know the causes of these behaviors in dogs to overcome or handle the situation anytime.

Causes of aggression in dogs:

To stop this frightening behavior in your dogs, one must have to figure out the main cause. Several different sources can become the leading cause of this behavior.
Any kind of medical problem can become the cause of aggression in dogs. It may be due to pain in their body. The pain may be bone fracture, arthritis, internal injury, tumor, etc. Do not try to give your dog any medicine to relieve pain. In any case of medical issue, you should visit a vet and give your dog proper treatment to relieve pain and try to act upon the vet’s advice properly.
it is the behavior in dogs in which they are being possessive about something. It may be any food, toy, place, etc. When a stranger who has no idea about their possessiveness tries to touch these things, they start snatching and growling at them, and in extreme conditions, dogs can start biting.
many dogs develop aggressive behavior when they feel fear of anything, when they try to escape but cannot and when to try to get free of anything but fail. When you find your dog in the utmost condition you should have to visit the organization from where you adopted your dog. Do not try to go near a dog who has fear issues because it can cause harm to your body as well as your dog’s body.

Signs of aggression in dogs:

  • Baring teeth
  • Growling
  • Snapping and snatching
  • Biting with different intensities
  • Seeing whites in the eyes
  • Razing fur

How to stop aggression in dogs?

For this purpose, you have to observe the specific conditions in which your dog behaves aggressively. Aggression is not itself any disease it is due to some underlying issues. To avoid this behavior in your dogs it is better to address the underlying issues. Dogs that are not normally aggressive but suddenly develop this behavior may have the underlying issues of pain, neurological problems, hypothyroidism, etc. once these medical problems get cure by proper treatment from a vet and still, there is aggression in your dog then you have to call the animal behaviorist or any professional dog trainer. The professional will help your dog to manage the aggressive behavior and train to remain calm. He will make new plans and teach your dog some new behaviors. All these techniques will surely help your dog and ideally, you will start noticing a reduction in the aggression of your dog. But if you treat your dog with punishment the result will always be backfires and escalation in aggression. So, it is better to consult a vet and call a professional trainer to deal with your dog.

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