A Complete Guide To Cat Bathing

by Ann

One question that always hits the mind of the pet owner is why cats are so scared of water? Although some cats deny this stereotype and live like fish, for others the sight of water is dreadful. Different factors contribute to this fear.

Cat’s fur

Cat’s fur is something that can tolerate only a minimal amount of water. You can see it when cats are cleaning themselves. The top layer of the skin or fur is water-resistant but as the water goes deep down, it becomes logged and the cat becomes uncomfortable in the presence of too much water.

Other reasons

Apart from this fur problem, many cats avoid the scent associated with water you use them when you are giving a bath to your cat. One of the reasons is maybe the cat isn’t familiar with the water and doesn’t know how to act around it. Some successfully domesticated cats usually are not afraid of water.

Giving your cat a bath

So you saw your cat playing with something dirty and you found it difficult for the cat to clean it all off during grooming. There are certain important things you should consider.

Is your cat ready for a bath?

Apart from the cat’s mood, there are few things you should consider before giving a bath to your cat. Make sure you have trimmed the cat’s claws so that they don’t scratch and harm you during bathing. Another important thing is that if your cat has long hair brush the hair, otherwise they tend to form knots during the bathing process.

Bathing equipment

Now before bathing, you need a couple of things. Keep these things in a place where you are going to bathe your cat, before bringing the cat in. This will help you when your cat starts messing up with things and you are unaware of what to do next. For the very first time, you can include the following things but with time you can make changes according to your cat’s need.

  • A nozzle or a bucket
  • Cat’s shampoo
  • A towel
  • Gloves

Cat’s shampoo

Products for the cat’s bathing are specifically designed for cats that can be used during the bath. They are made for the safe bathing of cats, other shampoo or bathing products leave a residue when he or she tries to groom themselves after bath.

  • Place the cat in the washing area or tub in which you are going to give the bath. Cats can easily become afraid of water that’s why it’s important to already fill the tub with water and use a nozzle to set the speed low.
  • Once the cat’s fur is fully wet, use shampoo and lather is on the cat’s body.
  • After proper cleaning, remove the shampoo from the body with the help of water.
  • Clean the cat’s face using a small towel or cloth.

After the bath wrap them in a towel or let them dry. If your cat has long hair, you can use a blower only if recommended by the vet. And brush the hair to avoid knotting.

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