20 Must-Have Products For New Dog Owners

by Ann

It must be super excited as you imagine bringing your new puppy home soon enough. But it is typical to experience mixed feelings of enthusiasm and worry as you ponder about how to easily let your pet settle in with you. Although acclimatizing your pet is not a very difficult task, it would be great if you are well-prepared beforehand. I have listed down 20 must-have products for new dog owners that are remarkable and indispensable and enable you to begin a happy and enjoyable journey with your canine partner. Take a sneak-peek into these new dog owner vitals:

 1. An aptly fitting dog collar

A dog collar is one of the significant products that you are going to have to shop for. Ensure that the collar you buy is in sync with the size of your dog, features a quick-release clasp for security, and is accompanied by a durable sturdy D-ring which accommodates the leash attachment. Check out some of the amazing collection here.

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 2. A sturdy dog crate

Professional dog trainers advise crate training your new canine friend at nap times so that you can rest easy so that your dog will not get into a mischievous act or wreak havoc around the house while you are asleep. Place a comfy blanket or towel in the crate and translate the crate into a reclining space for your dog where he can control his energy and relatedly fall asleep. Even if you are not intent on crate training, it will still enable you to take your pup along with you on drives to the vet or picnics safely and securely. You may find out here high-quality wire dog crates.

 3. ID Tags

Dogs are endowed with an inquisitive personality and their curiosity compels them to explore and wander around. This increases the risk of getting lost. Having them wear an ID Tag 24/7 that has their name, owner’s name and address label on it will ensure that they are able to reach home promptly even if they are gone astray.


 4. Pet First Aid Kit

Minor scrapes and bruises are inevitable regardless of the measures you take to safeguard your dog. Purchasing a first aid kit will assist in mitigating the feeling of panic in case of accidents and might even save you from taking a trip to the vet. You can customize your first aid kit by furnishing it with gauze, vet wrap, tweezers, nail clippers, and wound cleansing ointments recommended by the vet, and other important medications for general ailments. Pet wellbeing have some amazing value kits for dogs. You may have a look here;


5. Flea Treatment

Fleas can sneak in the coated dog any time and are a serious predicament that shouldn’t be overlooked. Flea and tick medication is available in many forms including topical medication but Flea and Tick collar is one of the most long-lasting solutions. These emit medication in low concentrations over the course of a few months and are odorless and non-greasy must-have products.

6. Ear-infection Treatment

Almost all dogs suffer from ear infections once in a while and dirty, scratchy, and smelling ears are not a sporadic occurrence. It is best to keep an ear-infection remedy which is suggested by your vet at home which will resolve unexpected setbacks such as these. 

 7. A dog Brush

Dogs shed large amounts of fur and hair all around the house and vacuuming the fur never seems to be enough. An effective dog brush will assist you in deshedding your pet after bathing and drying their coat completely. Invest in a brush that permeates the upper coat without causing any damage or cuts and removes excess loose hair and undercoat. You may visit our collection of dog supplies for dog brushes or explore a huge collection of brushes and other grooming accessories here.

 8. Stain And Odor Remover

One of the overwhelming parts of dog ownership is accidental pees on the carpet and vomiting on the floors. And this is why an effective stain and odor remover is a must-have product if you are a new dog owner which is able to work its magic in eliminating unpleasant and tenacious pee smells. It is mandatory that the enzyme-based cleaner that you choose proficiently sterilizes the underlying pheromones because if they are not disinfected, your dog will return and keep marking the place for peeing.

9. Poop Bags

 As a new dog owner, you have to gear yourself up to clean up after your dog when taking him for walks as dog poop is unlike the poop of other animals and cannot be simply ditched anywhere in the grass or sidewalk or even wilderness. Dog poop consists of foul components which are harmful to humans and other animals. Investing in poop bags that are eco-friendly and are fitted in compact and easy-to-carry rolls is just what should be topmost in your must-have products list. These poop bags are thick and leak-resistant and their large size enables you to turn them over your hand for quick scooping.

10. Pee Training Pads

Puppy potty training is an exhausting encounter that can be made easy and less tiring if you invest in pee training pads. Shop for extra-absorbent pads which will safeguard your flooring and carpets from nasty mishaps and also prevent pungent odors from seeping deep inside your rugs.

11. Dog Treats

These play a vital role in helping you discipline your new pet or teach him to respond to vital and basic commands. Treats assist in building a bond of trust and comradeship between a new dog owner and the canine family member. You will have to stock up on these to reinforce a healthy relationship with your pup.

12. A Strong Leash

A leash is the integral walking gear for your dog. Ensure that you purchase a leash that is robust and strong and able to handle the high energy levels of your dog. The leash should also be long enough so as to render enough freedom and space for your dog to explore while allowing you to manage a firm grip.

13. Dog Steel Bowls

These definitely come in the

must-have category for new dog owners and are the ultimate options for keeping food and water for your pup. They are easily washable and have a non-skid base which safeguards your flooring.


14. Baby Gates

Puppies have a mischievous nature and love to explore. Baby gates are brilliant products that come in handy when you need to restrict your puppy in a safe place so that you can engage in your chores without having to worry about your puppy sneaking into places he isn’t supposed to.

15. Toys suitable for pets

Investing in pet toys is mandatory since toys aren’t a luxury but a necessity for your pup. They help him ward off boredom, prevent the development of behavioral problems and render immense comfort especially when you have to leave them home alone.

16. Hypo-allergenic shampoo

Many dogs have sensitive skin and skin allergies and they need to be bathed with hypoallergenic shampoo which is scent-free and soft on their skin. Ensure to buy one if your dog is also suffering from sensitive skin issues.

17. Airtight food containers

Dog food has a pungent smell and needs to be stored properly to prevent the smell from penetrating everywhere and to stonewall the bacteria and mold from causing the food to deteriorate. Airtight food containers keep the food fresh by eliminating moisture and avert the unpleasant smell from infiltrating your house.

18. Chew toys

Pets generally explore the world through the process of chewing and biting. You will need to indulge the teething impulses of your pup by providing him with chew toys. It soothe the pain of teething and throbbing gums and so barricade him from sinking his teeth into your anywhere and everywhere.

19. Baby wipes

Baby Wipes are one of the must-have products for new dog owners. It saves the day especially when you have zero time and you need to clean your dog and free him from allergens and dirt. They effectively dispense the stink and filth and leave a soft aroma behind.

20.  Microfiber pet towel

A microfiber towel crafted from soft and absorbent material. This is also a must-have product that you will need to buy for your pet. Choose a bath towel that will effectively soak up the moisture and dry out the fur after each bathing session.

 Concluding note

Parenting a dog is an enriching and rewarding experience with its own set of ups and downs. However, as a new dog owner, you will need to equip your house with things that are compatible with the needs of your dog or puppy. The above-listed list is composed of imperative products which will facilitate parenting your pup and will pull you out from tough situations.


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